Drakensang Online’s massive Rise of Balor update coming this August

A few months ago we described in pretty good detail what the biggest content update for Drakensang Online had in store and now we're getting close to the release. There's still a bit of a mystery as Bigpoint is only saying that the update is going live in August, but on the other hand this means that Rise of Balor – that's the name – is just a few days away.

Rise of Balor brings an entire new continent, Lor'Tac, with a lush, yet dangerous jungle, over 13 new maps, new monsters, an increased level cap (from 45 to level 50), new items and new skill, wisdom talent and fame talent systems. The Dwarf character class, which was only available to premium members or players level 35 and up, should now be available to all players for free, and according to the previous report, the Crystals of Truth will be removed from the game altogether.

Here's the new Rise of Balor trailer and if you still haven't tried what is one of the best free-to-play Diablo alternatives ever made, you can sign up for free here.


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