Dreadnought developer Six Foot lays off several employees

Dreadnought developer Six Foot lays off

These are troubled times for Dreadnought developer Six Foot, in particular for the allegedly 45 employees who were just laid off. This was an event that was foreseeable since August 2018, when management informed its staff that they would have to reduce the dev workforce if the game wasn't successful.

Having officially released on October 14, 2018 and developed in cooperation with Spec Ops: The Line maker Yager, Dreadnought developers were told earlier this summer by Six Foot CEO Matt Ballesteros that the studio only had money to continue development for a few months. October 12 was signaled as the last day that Six Foot could pay its employees, with further payments being determined on a day-to-day basis, according to the success of Dreadnought.

Dreadnought's Steam release wasn't successful, the reviews were mixed and as someone told Game Informer – which has a great report on this situation -, the game just wasn't making it:

“It cost about $400,000 for the last blitz/crunch/push to get Dreadnought launched on Steam. Paying everyone in general costs about $80,000 a day. The game has not made anywhere near that; I do not recall the exact number, but it was less than $20,000 a day.”

Six Foot officially confirmed the “reduction of about a third of our game dev workforce”, which doesn't confirm if the number of employees really is 45 or not. The studio remains committed “to Dreadnought's ongoing development, growth, and the pursuit of new projects. We are also dedicated to remaining active in helping our affected family to transition as smoothly as possible.”

We wish the best to everyone affected.

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