Dual Universe reaches Kickstarter goal, new trailer shows asteroids

Dual Universe is an upcoming sci-fi voxel sandbox MMO from French studio Novaquark and despite the initial low profile, it has steadily grown to make quite some buzz with players looking for a Star Citizen alternative. Or a No Man's Sky that actually has all the stuff that was promised, including beautiful worlds and true, actual multiplayer.

The Dual Universe Kickstarter is ending in less than three days and it has just reached its goal of €500,000. Naturally, the team is incredibly happy and already looking forward to stretch goals. The latest update talks about the two types of combat in Dual Universe: Avatar vs Avatar (AvA) and Construct vs Construct (CvC). But what caught our eye was the new trailer showing the asteroids, and how you can mine them and even freaking colonize them, turning an asteroid into your own private Death Star or something. We're baffled at the potential of Dual Universe, only this time there is actual gameplay showing what players can do, and not just some cinematic trailers showcasing a vision that would never be achieved.

Anyway, Dual Universe is looking really good, and while it's not your usual free-to-play game, you have a trial period and if you're a really invested player you may earn enough currency to buy game time and play for free.

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