Duelyst is going to test limited time Boss Battles


Acclaimed collectible tactics game Duelyst is going to get a new feature during the next few weeks, when the developers Counterplay Games begin testing the Limited Time Boss Battles. What this means is that players are going to see a special boss event for a limited time, with a callout for the Boss Battle in the main menu.

Each boss is a unique AI controlled opponent with a unique deck and starting board state, and defeating it will earn you 1 Free Spirit Orb and a unique Boss Crate (expires 48 hours after you have earned it). To unlock this crate you have to spend $4.99 and then you'll get the content: 1 Common Chest Key, 1 Gauntlet Ticket, 3 Shim’zar Spirit Orbs and 1 Random Legendary Card.

Sounds good? Yes or no, check Duelyst next week and you should be able to give your feedback to the devs.

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