Duelyst’s new expansion Unearthed Prophecy has launched

duelyst unearthed prophecy

Shortly after reaching an agreement with Bandai Namco, Counterplay games has released Duelyst’s new expansion Unearthed Prophecy. This expansion brings 94 new cards, including 13 new cards per faction and 16 new neutral cards. You can see some of these cards here.

Unearthed Prophecy brings a new mechanic to Duelyst: Sentinels. This ability is available to the Songhai, Abyssian, and Vanar factions through three new minions per faction with secret triggers that when activated will transform the unit into a super powerful minion. A login event for players that log in between today and August 1 rewards them with three core set orbs, as well as the all new Bandai Namco Healing Mystic, a new cosmetic skin in the Bandai Namco colors.

You can see a new Duelyst launch trailer below, which in fact is more of a celebration of the agreement with Bandai Namco, considering that Duelyst had already launched in April 2016.

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