Dungeon Fighter Overkill: New PC 3D side-scrolling action game

Dungeon Fighter Overkill

While everyone is waiting for more news on the open world 3D MMORPG Project BBQ, Nexon and Neople just revealed a new Dungeon Fighter game. Tentatively titled Dungeon Fighter Overkill (the series' original name is Dungeon & Fighter), it is in early stages of development and the new studio, also named Overkill, is hiring for various roles to help with the game.

The official website doesn't offer many details on the game itself, but there is a passage saying that it is a sequel to the original Dungeon Fighter Online. Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and aimed at  the PC platform, it sticks to the side-scrolling view but trades the pixel-art of the first game in favor of full 3D characters and environments.

Dungeon Fighter Overkill trailer

The artwork is of great attention to detail and some familiar Dungeon Fighter Online classes such as the Fighter and Priest are rendered in stunning quality. The montage of short videos that you can see below will give you the first glimpse into Dungeon Fighter Overkill gameplay… or at least in-game graphics and characters.

There is no Dungeon Fighter Overkill release date yet, and we're betting that this one is going to take a while before we get to play it.

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