Dungeons & Dragons Online update brings the White Plume Mountain

Dungeons & Dragons Online White Plume Mountain

A new Dungeons & Dragons Online update just brought the classic module White Plume Mountain to the game. This classic dungeon is for Level 9 Heroic (32 Legendary) players and is part of a pack that includes other adventures. The update includes four other new dungeons as well, as you can see below:

• Another Man's Treasure: Level 6 Heroic, 21 Epic
Objects made out of pure platinum have unexpectedly turned up in the Stormreach Dump, causing dissent among the Kobolds who scavenge there.

• Kind of a Big Deal: Level 6 Heroic, 21 Epic
A powerful magical artifact has gone missing. If it is not found quickly, it could cause pandemonium in this once quiet valley.

• Memory Lapse: Level 6 Heroic, 23 Epic
The famous wizard Tarent Hoxworth has organized his memory as a library. Each memory was neatly filed away on the shelves, until a rival wizard cast a spell that has brought chaos to Tarent's tidy mind.

• The Price of Freedom: Level 6 Heroic, 25 Epic
The Esoteric Order of Aureon has built a very special prison specifically to contain lawbreakers who are talented in arcane arts. Now, you are going in, to break a friend of a friend out!

You can read the patch notes for all the details.

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