Durango: Wild Lands global launch is here… with a few exceptions

Durango Wild Lands global release

Nexon has just announced that its mobile survival MMORPG Durango: Wild Lands launched globally today. Well… it's not quite global, but close enough. the game is available worldwide except in the following regions: United States, Macao, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and China.

If you happen to live in one of these regions, do not fret – Nexon is doing its best to release Durango in these regions by mid-May, as it was originally intended.

Those who pre-registered should get their in-game rewards by mid-May as well, so don't worry if you don't find any gifts for you in the game right now. But you can be sure that you'll find dinosaurs aplenty.

Durango: Wild Lands is one of those mobile games that look and feel like… a real game, dare I say? If you're willing to give it a try, let us know your opinion.


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