Durango: Wild Lands has launched globally and it’s dino-mite

Durango Wild Lands worldwide launch

Nexon and What! Studio's sandbox mobile MMO Durango: Wild Lands is now available worldwide on Android and iOS. If you didn't know about this game, it is pretty much an online survival game with dinosaurs and it's absolutely stunning, fans of Jurassic Park or not. Probably one of the best mobile games ever designed, judging by my dozens of hours of gameplay.

The beginning will see your character on a train journey gone wrong. A strange distortion will throw you and other players into a primitive island where it isn't unusual to stumble across items from our present days. With many different islands to explore, several stunning dinosaurs to fight and tame, and absolutely tons of materials to gather and craft, Durango: Wild Lands has a depth that very few mobile games manage to accomplish.

Obviously, later on you can partner up with other players in civilized islands and enter clan versus clan fights. Because even when the human race is at peril, everyone's favorite past-time is trouncing his neighbors face.

Durango: Wild Lands is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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