DUST 514 players will get veteran rewards for Project Nova

veteran rewards for Project Nova

EVE Online makers CCP Games are working on a new shooter based on the same universe. It's not the first time that they try it, with the release and consequent failure of Dust 514 for the PlayStation 3, and the plans for Project Legion turning into the upcoming Project Nova.

Earlier this year, CCP Games promised that a full reveal for Project Nova would be coming soon, and they are sticking to it. According to MassivelyOp, ex-DUST 514 players are getting emails with an offer to reserve their old character's names in Project Nova, which in fact won't be the final name of the upcoming shooter – the email is signed “The DUST 514 / Project Nova Team”. Besides reserving names, ex-DUST 514 players can unlock special veteran rewards such as the exclusive ‘Phoenix' dropsuit.

With the EVE Vegas 2018 taking place from October 19 to October 21, it's obvious that CCP Games has something big to share with everyone. Something… Project Nova.

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