Dust 514 is turning into Project Legion for PC

PC players aren’t getting Dust 514, but they’re getting an allegedly better shooter codenamed Project Legion. Project Legion is being developed by CCP Games, makers of EVE Online and the shooter Dust 514.

The studio says “it’s taking all we learned from Dust and almost making a new game from scratch, even though it’s the same team doing a first-person shooter”. So this is pretty much the same game, only different, since it was developed in a few months at CCP Shanghai using assets of Dust 514 from the PS3 version. The game will be free-to-play, maintain the sandbox-style shooting gameplay and its success will determine if it will be PC exclusive or also release on consoles.

Recently CCP canceled the World of Darkness MMORPG after many years in development hell. And how does this asset re-using actually sounds to you?

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