Dying Light: Bad Blood is free-to-play, enters Early Access in September

Dying Light: Bad Blood free-to-play

This is probably the first time in ages… scratch that, the first time ever that I've been this excited to write something about a new Battle Royale game. But we are talking about Dying Light and Techland, so there is definitely some quality going around.

As it turns out, Techland is going to release Dying Light: Bad Blood as a free-to-play game, which is a very clever decision considering the size of its main competitors, in particular Fortnite Battle Royale. But before we get to that free-to-play release, there is going to be the now mandatory Steam Early Access phase set to begin sometime in September – the Dying Light: Bad Blood Steam page is already up and waiting for your “wishlisting”. You can jump in the game during Early Access if you purchase the Founder's Pack, which sells for $19.99 and comes with skins, in-game currency and all that jazz.

However, there is another way to get in Dying Light: Bad Blood before Early Access, as Techland will be running two global tests soon. The first one, for selected players will be available August 25-26, while the second one is for everyone who signed up and runs during September 01-02 – head over to the official website to sign up and maybe you'll get chosen.

What is so cool about Dying Light: Bad Blood, anyway? First of all, it retains the stylish parkour gameplay and exciting first-person combat from the original game, and builds on the PvPvE premise of the sadly defunct Dead Island: Epidemic. Each battle will feature 12 players fighting against hordes of zombies, getting blood samples to level up your character and preying on other players to get their loot and remain as the only one standing. With Dying Light 2 in development, this has all the obligation of being a great entry in the franchise.

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