Dying Light: Bad Blood is going to get wet weather this weekend

dying light bad blood wet weather

Fighting zombies and other players in Techland's ‘Brutal Royale' game Dying Light: Bad Blood is going to become even harder, as this weekend brings a new, unstoppable enemy: rain.

As if life in a zombie-infested area wasn't hard enough, this weekend will see the addition of wet weather and everything that comes with it. You can expect limited visibility, but also extra conductivity, meaning that wet enemies are the perfect target for electricity-based attacks, taking more damage. Be on the lookout for Shock Upgrades if you want to take advantage of this.

This small test will serve for Techland to figure out some changes for community events, and just by participating this weekend, you get Double XP.

Dying Light: Bad Blood is a fun Battle Royale game with good movement and combat, but the paid Early Access is preventing it from getting a decent player base – during the last month there were barely a hundred players on average. By early 2019 the game is expected to officially release as free-to-play, so let's hope that this brings a deserved player boost.

dying light bad blood wet weather

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