Echo of Soul shows the Archer class in action

First it was the Rogue, now it's the Archer that gets the spotlight in a new video for Echo of Soul, also known as EOS Online. She is obviously a ranged character, but the Archer manages to shoot arrows at deadly fast speed, as well as using music in her Bard specialization to enhance her allies' skills.

The US and Europe beta for Echo of Soul begins in May 2015. This is still one of the most played games in South Korea, having entered open beta in September 2013.

Guild Wars 2 best MMORPG


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  • ShadowFang

    That certainly looked nicer than the last trailer! That’s a pretty decent looking game; my eyes are (perhaps unfairly) dazzled by titles coming out later in the year and beyond, but this looks like… I dunno, the anime equivalent to something like Guild Wars 2, maybe? And GW2 is a fine looking game 😉

    Alright, I admit, I’m interested Aeria. I want to see more of this one. Wanna know how it plays, and I wanna know if it uses shady stuff like HackShield. This should fit in nicely with their other titles like Aura Kingdom and… they have Grand Fantasia, right? That still going?

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    • It certainly looks a bit better, although still somewhat angular. It’s clear that part of the team worked on Lineage 2, I can see the visual connection. And if it’s one of the most played in Korea, it has to be good, even if it’s purely on the content amount.

      Grand fantasia is still going. Some games just seem to hold on for way more than they probably should.

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  • I am very interested in playing this title. I have been wanting to play an anime styled game that does not look too cutesy (spirit tales, grand fantasia, etc). I played Aura Kingdom but it just didn’t grab me like I wanted it too. I will be watching this one 🙂

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