Elder Scrolls: Legends is now officially live on PC

Bethesda has just ended the open beta phase for its collectible card game Elder Scrolls: Legends and released the game onto the world, which translates into saying it has officially launched. This is for PC only at the moment, as Android and iOS versions are still in the works. Dire Wolf Digital is the developer of Elder Scrolls: Legends and have previous experience with CCGs thanks to Eternal, and the studio is also working on a new game called CardCraft.

Elder Scrolls: Legends stands from the crowd by having a deep story mode and two-lane combat – but hey, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has THREE lanes, so is this some kind of “I have more lanes than you do!” competition that we don't know about?

Anyway, Elder Scrolls: Legends is a good game on its genre, so if you're not tired of CCGs then give this one a shot.

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