Elder Scrolls Online: Zenimax lets go 300, sign of F2P to come?

Barely two months after launch, some unfortunate stories are appearing concerning Elder Scrolls Online and its developer, Zenimax Studios, most specifically the Galway, Ireland location, which is seen as the main customer service office for ESO.

The last two months saw 300 employees being let go of the company. 200 of those had to leave after only three weeks at the company, one week of training included. One former employee told the Connacht Sentinel that “In April, the company said it wanted 200 more workers. They went through a week of training, worked for two weeks and were let go. These would have been people taken in on two to six-week contracts.”

This employee was hired in March on six month contracts with around 200 other workers, but has now been let go. He added that “Four weeks ago, another 50 were let go, and over the last few days, another 20 or 30.”

He's also not pleased with the way the layoffs went: “It’s a disgrace how workers were treated. If they showed up at 10.30pm for the night shift, they were being told to go home at 11pm, that their jobs were gone.”

While it's a common practice to see studios reduce their staff after a game has launched, this situation seems to only affect the customer support service which could indicate that Elder Scrolls Online is performing below expectations.

Do you think this could be the first indication that Elder Scrolls Online will turn free-to-play in a year or even less?

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  • ao

    of course and i dont even get it why they made it p2p in the first place…

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  • vixion

    I’m not surprised, this game was a big disappointment. It’s a good game, nice animations, graphics and gameplay but I feel like it didn’t deliver what it told us it would, it doesn’t feel like you are free to do what you want or explore, feels limited. The skills were just bad in my opinion, weird and bad, also horrible effects for them. And as an elder scrolls game, it failed, it just doesn’t feel like it.

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    game is not good enough for p2p,thats it

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  • OxiD

    The developers have said before the release or around it that they dont believe P2P is a Surviving payment method in the long run. so they have actually said that it WILL go F2P 🙂

    and First of all to the TES fanboys… This game is first an MMO and then it is a Elder scrolls story.

    and the reason people dont like it is because they thught it would be like bethesdas Elder scrolls games.

    If you look at it as an MMORPG then you find out it is a very good game.

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    Rating: 7.6/10 (8 votes cast)
  • Teriander

    Here’s a list of the main problems I’ve found that I believe have turned off a lot of players (for the record I have a Veteran 8 Character and still active):

    First, Bugs, bugs, bugs, through launch till a few weeks ago, I’ve found a lot of quest were bugged, to the point where some of the main storyline prevented players from pressing forward. This should have been a priority through beta and the game shouldn’t have been released in this state. On top of that many other bugs existed. For example, the Nightblade class had so many bugs the class was considered “Broken” by many players. That means if evenly distributed characters were playing, 1/4 of the characters would have been considered “Broken”.

    Second, many lacking features that should have been included. I could list them all but if you played the game you probably know the features it’s lacking. Luckily the use of Plugins helped solved “some” of the lacking features.

    Third, Rinse and repeat till level 50. A majority of what you had to do felt very redundant. By the time you reached level 35 you can pretty much predict what your next quest assignment was.

    Forth, Playing with friends was very lacking. I had 5 friends playing at launch, by the time we reached level 20-30, everyone was all over the place. No on really knew what quest the other person was working on unless we verbally communicated, some friends couldn’t get help because another friend already completed the quest, even if grouped. The whole playing with friends experience was the most lacking part for PVE.

    The only part that was really entertaining was the PVP aspect, but even that was another world of bugs, hacking, and broken quest.

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