ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance officially launched

ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance has officially launched today, Webzen has announced. The short open beta test is over and the official launch brings with it an in-game shop, where players may purchase including appearance-changing character costumes, HP/MP potions, wings and more. December should bring more content such as new areas and quests, an increased level cap and a new raid dungeon.

To celebrate the release, ELOA is holding a launch event where players will fill up a Monster Journal by defeating different types of monsters in the vast world of ELOA. Players that completely fill up the Monster Journal between November 24th and the weekly maintenance on December 8th, 2015 (UTC), will receive Claire's Chika Box, granting them a chance to acquire a unique pet.

We're running an ELOA key giveaway where you can grab some cool items for your character, so get your pack before they're all gone.


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