ELOA gets new expansion The Looters

ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance just got its expansion 3.1 today called The Looters, which brings a new raid dungeon called Den of the Looters, where players can find boss monsters such as Advisor Bota, Revived Bulk and Turncoat Borian who just love to use poison skills. There are also many traps to avoid and ultimately earn level 40 weapons for all classes.

For those who love PvP, they'll be able to participate in a new season and a special event named “The Battle”, from January 26th until February 2nd, 2016 (UTC). Accordingly to the number of times players enter the battlefield, they will get special rewards, including Disguise Scrolls, Eva’s Breath, Low-class Reinforcement Failure Protection Scrolls, and High-class Reinforcement Failure Protection Scrolls.

With Valentine's day coming, Webzen is also launching a Valentine event in the game, spanning from January 26th through to February 16th, 2016 (UTC).


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