Ascent: Infinite Realm renamed Elyon, less focus on air combat

Elyon - Ascent: Infinite Realm

A few days ago, Krafton teased the possibility of a major revamp coming to its upcoming MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm. Stuck in some sort of development hell, the new game from the studio previously known as Bluehole, makers of TERA, had a major focus on aerial combat set in a steampunk world. Despite the poor choice for a full reveal – April 1 -, nothing about the changes is a lie, starting with the new name. Elyon – Ascent: Infinite Realm is the renamed title, probably due to one of the main decisions behind this overhaul.

And what is that decision? The lesser focus on air combat, pushing Ascent: Infinite Realm into a subtitle position. We're not sure of just how prominent the aerial part remains in the revamped game, but the idea of large-scale aerial combat seemed a bit overly ambitious and something that not many players were really interested in embarking into. Gliding and other less crucial aspects of flight should remain, though.

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The video at the end of this article shows the devs detailing the changes. Besides, it comes with a few tidbits of gameplay showing that the focus has truly shifted to the land activities, and fishing just had to be a part of it. Yes, fishing will always be a life skill in every game in the world.

One of the most requested changes after the previous tests concerned the combat system. Tab-targeting combat is out of the window and in comes action combat in the style of TERA, something that makes absolute sense in our times.

The official Elyon – Ascent: Infinite Realm Korean website mentions three pillars for the game: dynamic combat, skill customization, and competition, with this one translating into Realm versus Realm combat. A Korean closed beta is scheduled for April 11, 2020.

Elyon – Ascent: Infinite Realm has a western release confirmed by publisher Kakao Games. An Elyon English website is live for quite some time, but it hasn't seen much in the way of updates for a few months now.


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