Ember Sword FAQ details PvE, classes, weapons, world, and more

Ember Sword FAQ

To celebrate the 11,207 members milestone, So Couch Studios decided to share an Ember Sword FAQ. These question cover several aspects of the upcoming MMORPG, with some very interesting details.

First up, which classes can you pick in Ember Sword? None, as it turns out. You aren't tied to a class or play-style, being able to specialize in whatever weapon you choose. You can use a sword and shield for melee combat, or you are free to pick a bow for the next couple of hours. The more you use a certain weapon, the more it levels up and unlocks new abilities.

There are three weapon types to choose from: melee, ranged, and energy. Each type has a wide-ranging selection of weapons to pick from,

This isn't a new approach, but it's an unusual one, and certainly bound to please players who are tired of the traditional holy trinity of MMORPGs.

Ember Sword isn't PvE or PvP-focused. It mixes both styles, with free-for-all PvP being available only in Outlaw areas. This means that you are safe to explore the PvE regions where you'll kill brave monsters and harvest resources. Dying in an Outlaw zone will lose you most of your gear.

The Wilderness and Kingship zones are the places for some PvE monster slaying. You can fight open world bosses with some friends, or venture solo to eliminate thousands of monsters.

Ember Sword FAQ

The world of Ember Sword is divided into four regions, and described as being ever-changing. Each region consists of the aforementioned territories: Kingship, Wilderness, and Outlaw. During character creation, you get to pick one of the four regions as your home. There are 1344 parcels of land for players to own, with the players deciding what to place in these parcels: NPCs, buildings, monsters, and so on.

The Ember Sword world features no loading screens. It is entirely open world, built on an infrastructure that allows you to explore the map without stumbling upon loading screens. You can play with your friends in EU, US or Asia at any time, although selecting a distant server may result in  a slight delay.

End-game is said to be competitive and skill-based for PvP players, with no pay-to-win. PvE players, on the other hand, will get to face unique monsters and beasts. You'll acquire special cards by being the first every day to kill a certain open world monsters, with the entire card collection allowing you to unlock a cosmetic item.

Cosmetics in Ember Sword exist in a finite amount. New cosmetics are introduced monthly and handed out as rewards for objectives. They are scarce and may not be reintroduced. If you want a certain cosmetic that isn't around anymore, the only way to do so is by purchasing it from another player using the game's premium currency, Pixel. This is where the blockchain comes in, providing a safe environment for players to store, offer or sell their cosmetic items.

These are just a few of the Ember Sword FAQ details worth mentioning. Hopefully the game will live up to its promises. You can check the official site for more info.


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