The end of Fortnite is the greatest marketing stunt ever, Chapter 2 now live

end of Fortnite

Who would have thought that the end of Fortnite is just what the game needed to become an even bigger success? The unexpected appearance of a black hole and taking the game offline as the climax of season 10 was a brilliant marketing stunt from Epic Games, although some kids may not have appreciated it that much.

This Fortnite black hole event became such a widespread occurrence that some reports saying that Elon Musk buys Fornite and deleted it turned viral. The owner of Tesla joined the fun with a spirited tweet saying “Had to be done, you're welcome.”

Obviously, this was just Epic Games playing its cards in anticipation of the Fortnite Chapter 2. However, the ripples of this action were so huge that it boosted the battle royale's popularity tenfold, with alleged view counts of over 4.5 million on YouTube,  over 1.5 million on Twitch, and over 1 million on Twitter.

Predictably, Fortnite is back with Chapter 2 – who would have guessed? It comes with a brand-new island with 13 new locations, new water gameplay that includes boats, swimming, fishing, and motorboats, and hiding places including haystacks and dumpsters. There's an enhanced combat system and a new XP system that is touted as “more fun, less grind.”

It's not yet that Fortnite Battle Royale is being deleted for good – who in their right senses would think that this was a possibility anyway -, but this end of Fortnite stunt is definitely going to push the game onto a new popularity peak.

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