End of Nations MMORTS is no more, here’s End of Nations MOBA RTS

Things weren’t really clear on End of Nations, a free-to-play MMORTS that was developed by Petroglyph and later shifted hands to Trion Worlds. After nearly half a year of silence, Trion Worlds is now revealing the new End of Nations.

Gone is the MMORTS plan and now we have a free MOBA that focuses on vehicular and team-based combat.  So far the revamped official website only shows a bunch of vehicles that definitely look like they could be out of a Transformers movie, with names such as Decibel, Col. Boze or Hippocrates. There’s no footage yet but you can sign up to get the updates.

With Infinite Crisis, Dawnguard and many more MOBAs, do you think this was a good move for End of Nations?

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