Ephnel gameplay shows the sexy new SoulWorker in action

Soulworker Ephnel Gameplay Bombing Spear

New SoulWorker Ephnel gameplay is popping up online, as the eight playable character has been released in Korea on December 23, 2019. The new footage shows that developer Lion Games really wanted to make the latest fighter as sexy as possible, with a tight suit and an incredible agility making her an instant favorite. We revealed Ephnel a few weeks ago, as you may recall.

The Bombing Spear, as Ephnel is called, uses her spear to unleash extremely fast attacks, both by thrusting and spinning. This is a class that seems fit to take down large mobs with her agility.

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The Ephnel gameplay video below is recorded by Rendermax from the Korean version. According to the man himself, this server operated by Smilegate seems to be much faster to level up now, and the footage will show you Ephnel right up to level 55. Our previous experience tells us that the SoulWorker Gameforge servers for North America and Europe offer a much harder leveling up process, something that seems to be a staple of some western companies – for example, Guardians of Ember and Kingdom Under Fire 2 seem to be made more difficult in the West, in comparison to the original Eastern releases.

You'll get to see Ephnel's character creation and origin story, and she seems to have been subjected to some sort of crazy experiments. Other Ephnel costumes are visible, including a Saint costume, another costume with shorts that makes her look like a tourist (French, dare we say), and the one where she entirely ditches the jacket, because that tight spandex swimsuit just looks truly warm…

Soulworker Ephnel Gameplay Bombing Spear

Dances and emotes are also part of the Ephnel gameplay video. Being a part of the new tech-inclined generation, Ephnel isn't a stranger when it comes to taking a selfie. She also likes to salute the player, wink at you, put up a tantrum, and our favorite, use the spear to show some athletic moves.

Ephnel seems like a wonderful character for SoulWorker fans. 2020 will surely bring her swimsuit stylish antics to North American and European players, so hang in there.


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