Epic Games releases hero collector Battle Breakers, Fortnite skins up for sale

Battle Breakers Fortnite

Epic Games just released its first game ever since Fortnite Battle Royale took over the world. In case you're expecting a massive, triple-A production that is going to crush your PC or console under the power of the Unreal Engine 4, you can forget about that – the new game is a hero collector for PC and mobile called Battle Breakers. You can expect Battle Breakers Fortnite tie-ins for sure.

Advertised as a passion project created by a small team at Epic Games – probably the handful that isn't working on new skins for Fortnite -, Battle Breakers is a cute, cheerful cturn-based cartoon RPG. You have to assemble a team and explore over 1,000 dungeons with your heroes. Obviously, there is a Battle Pass and an in-game store waiting for your visit.

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Battle Breakers looks like other mobile strategy games where your team composition is more important than your skills. You pick the best heroes, evolve them, and enter battles that have this card game flavor to them. Sadly, they also come with an auto button, which means that this is another grinder that eases you in, until you reach the mandatory paywall where you have to somehow purchase boosts for your team. This is just speculation based on years of experience, but it's highly likely that it is how Battle Breakers goes.

Furthermore, Epic Games is already taking advantage of Fortnite's global popularity by selling a Cuddle Team Leader skin in the Hero Store, as you can see below. This is surely the first of many Battle Breakers Fortnite skins that are bound to happen, a crossover that is as predictable as it is logical.

Battle Breakers is available for free on PC via Epic Games Store, iOS on the App Store, and Android in the Epic Games app and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Give it a shot and let us know if it is a good game or just an attempt at the still very profitable market of hero collector games.

Battle Breakers Fortnite skins

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