Erwin Arclight aka Gun Jazz steps into SoulWorker’s spotlight arena

Soul Worker Gun Jazz

While we wait for the official forum to open – hey, it has to happen sometime -, Gameforge treats us to another one of the four initial SoulWorker characters: Erwin Arclight aka Gun Jazz.

In case you didn't realize it already, Erwin just loves his guns. He moves and performs a mesmerizing dance, but this kind of dance takes down many enemies in the blink of an eye. Here is what Gameforge has to say about him:

“Erwin’s combat style is a perfect match for those who enjoy picking off their opponents from range. He makes use of his Gun Jazz to shoot down everything that moves. When Erwin makes use of his SoulForce attack, a mine is planted ready to cause chaos on the battlefield. It slows enemies and even paralyses, depending on whether it is ignited in the air or on the ground.”

SoulWorker should begin its open beta in a month or two, but you're probably tired of knowing that by now.

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