Escape From Tarkov is a STALKER meets The Division MMO shooter

Battlestate Games has just revealed Escape From Tarkov, an upcoming MMO third-person and first-person shooter with RPG elements. This is going to be a survival MMO game that appears to draw inspiration from both the STALKER series and the upcoming Ubisoft game The Division. With a closed beta planned for Q1 2016 and the gameplay reveal scheduled for November 24, Escape From Tarkov is already accepting closed beta applications on the official website.

The game takes place in the Russian city of Tarkov, with two private military companies in conflict. The gameplay is allegedly hardcore and players will have to survive the enemy attacks as well as the deadly hazards of the city, including radiation poisoning, as well as natural conditions such as exhaustion and illness.

The announcement trailer is pretty amazing and despite some grammatical errors, it is good enough to put us in the mood for some grim survival shooting. There's still no word on the business model and we can't wait to see how the gameplay looks – we'll be back to Escape From Tarkov on November 24.


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