EVE Online F2P mode is now available with the Ascension update

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Today is the launch of EVE Online: Ascension, the “largest and most significant update in the history of EVE Online” according to developer CCP. The highlight of the expansion is obviously the addition of the Clone States, something that is also called the free-to-play mode of EVE Online. With the Clone States, everyone has free access to EVE Online in the form of an Alpha Clone, “using a pre-determined skillset, giving access to a whole host of playstyles and in-game content without the need for a subscription.”

When you think you're ready to fully enjoy EVE Online, you can pay a subscription and immediately jump into the full experience as an Omega Clone, without losing any of your progress. You can jump between Alpha and Omega Clones as you wish (read as you pay a subscription or not) and your skills will be accessible or not due to this.

The expansion also brings a revamped new player experience called Inception, which will offer new players additional guidance as they dive into what is widely regarded as a truly complex game. You can read the full patch notes from the Ascension update.

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