EverQuest Next and Landmark probably free-to-play, but it may change

When they were first announced, both Landmark and EverQuest Next were introduced as free-to-play games. While this hasn't changed, what with Sony Online Entertainment becoming Daybreak Game Company, the latest Landmark and EverQuest Next Dev Team Q&A delves a bit more on the business model side of things.

Beginning at around 16:00, you'll hear that the studio has a strong belief on keeping EverQuest Next and Landmark as free-to-play games, but this is something that isn't set in stone and may eventually change in the future. So this may actually mean absolutely nothing, but the SOE buyout detail could play a significant part on the definition of the business model for both games and future titles.

Would you prefer EverQuest Next and Landmark to be F2P, buy-to-play (Guild Wars 2 style) or subscription-based?

Guild Wars 2 best MMORPG


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  • Depravitit

    They have to be F2P. There’s too many good competitors out there and the era of sub-based games is gone.

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  • Vince

    I’d prefer Buy-to-Play a la Guild Wars and Crowfall.

    It keeps the value there – their work is WORTH SOMETHING, yeah? – without putting in that hook of “you need to pay something every month and you better play some all the time to get your money’s worth” that is increasingly less attractive as one gets older and has less time for MMO’s.

    SOE will probably do F2P right in the end (although, there’s that H1Z1….), but I honestly think that a low priced B2P game would be sweet with whatever cosmetic items or whatever they’d throw up in a microtransaction shop.

    I just don’t want it’s success or failure to be driven by “White Whales”, y’know? A few people spending thousands is not worth focusing your attention on. But a reasonably priced buy-once game will attract so many more. Especially if they go REALLY low – $20 or $10 or something.

    I honestly don’t know why more publishers don’t try it…

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    • freemmostation

      If I was a publisher and had a great game, I would try either F2P done VERY right, or a subscription model of $5-7 USD monthly. It’s cheap, everyone could afford it and there wouldn’t be the same amount of giving it up because it’s just $5 or so.

      I’m baffled at why no one tries it instead of the usual $15.

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