Exocraft is a new MMO set in a dying world, has mining spaceship battles

Exocraft MMO

I couldn't help but spot a little bit of Robocraft the first time that I landed my eyes on Exocraft. Your ability to design your spacecraft through tons of combinations is telling, as you play around with parts, paints and other pieces to create a unique spaceship.

But that is probably where the similarities end, as the top-down perspective immediately provides a different kind of gameplay. This is an action strategy game where your spaceship salvages resources with the help of your drones, and engage in battles with other players. You can also be part of a team in competitive modes or a squad.

If you're attentive, you may have noticed some similarities between Exocraft and games such as Slither.io or Agar.io. That is in fact how developer Goldfire planned the game, but it ended up growing and becoming a vastly different game.

You can check Exocraft's Steam page, with a release scheduled for March 12, 2019. Or you can play the game right now at exocraft.io.


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