Exos Heroes global launch coming soon, pre-registrations open

Exos Heroes global launch

The Exos Heroes global launch is coming soon, developer Oozoo and publisher LINE Games have announced. Exos Heroes is the sequel to Exos Saga and it was released on Google Play in November 2019 for South Korea. The anime RPG was quite a hit, becoming the number five grossing game app soon after launch.

Exos Heroes is going for a worldwide launch soon, most likely during May 2020. The pre-registrations are now open in the Play Store, in case you want to know when the game is available. Exos Heroes is going to be released as a global one-build for iOS and Android, and pre-registered players will earn in-game items when the game releases.

Being a hero collecting RPG at heart, Exos Heroes improves on the previous game by increasing the number of characters (from 150 to 200). There's a turn-based combat system to test your heroes' skills, as well as different game modes. But the most revealing aspect is the art style of the new game, which is vastly superior when compared to the previous one. Lush 3D characters in impressive environments, Exos Heroes is a visual masterpiece where every hero is crafted with stunning attention to detail.

The Exos Heroes global launch is going to shows us if the success in South Korea will replicate in western territories.

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