Explosive duo Iggy and Scorch is coming to Paragon

Paragon is about to get a new hero… wait, two new heroes… well, maybe it's just one actually. Iggy and Scorch are joining the existing heroes in Epic Games' MOBA on April 21, when the game enters early access. This duo have a penchant for fire, as Iggy (the green goblin of sorts) seems to love his alcohol bottles and Scorch (the fire-breathing lizard/dragon/monstrosity) is capable of chewing these bottles and breath fire. Perfect for pyromaniacs and the duo will surely make the Paragon arenas just a little bit hotter.

All Paragon heroes are free so if you have access to the game or buy a Founder's Pack, Iggy and Scorch are just one (or two, we can't really say) of the heroes you'll get to play.

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