Extopia is a new Battle Royale set in the paradisiac Oasis

Extopia battle Royale

Extopia is set in a land known as “Oasis”, an alleged paradise in a chaotic world. The year is 20XX, which I guess is supposed to make it mysterious and ambiguous. The player enters the Oasis and is placed amidst a war between four factions: “Lion's League”, “Aqua Corps”, “Lotus Sector”, and “Serpent Labs”.

Extopia is the new game by developer Kingsoft, makers of Mission Against Terror, and publisher SubaGames. This is a free-to-play third-person shooter or, as we've come to know the genre lately, a Battle Royale game. It includes the usual game modes and comes with a level editor that will let you create the map, weapon skins and share your creations with other players.

The release is planned for November 2018 and the Steam page is already live. Check out some alpha gameplay below.

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