Extra rotten: Romero’s Aftermath is shutting down

If you're aware of all the controversy that started with War Z and the several projects and rebranding that followed, then you probably know that Romero's Aftermath was one of the zombie games that followed shortly, pretty much using the same template and we dare say, recycling many of the assets.

Now, Romero's Aftermath is shutting down on December 24, 2016, after a dwindling population and four months without any sort of update:

“Not long ago we made the decision to restrict new user registrations as well as halt the sale of in game currency to avoid potential disappointment from new players as the game had not been updated in the last 4 months. Unfortunately the economics of the game are not able to afford us the luxury of continued development and support for Aftermath.”

You can still try Free Reign's other shooter Shattered Skies for free until November 29, but with a mostly negative rating and a feeling that you're playing the same game as before, just without zombies, won't make it much more appealing. Oh, and then there's the return of the ill-famed Infestation by the hands of a different studio, and it's now called Infestation: The New Z. Sounds like a lot of Z to us, if you know what we mean.

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