F2P robot fighting game Rising Thunder enters alpha July 28

A fighting game with robots? Let's hope this one is better than Rise of the Robots, right?

Well, it will be for sure. After all, it's not a coincidence that Rising Thunder looks a bit like Street Fighter 4, since Seth Killian, who worked at Capcom during Street Fighter 4's development, is now at Radiant Entertainment and in charge of this game. This is expected to be a hardcore fighting game and is touted as fully free-to-play, with real money used solely for cosmetic purchases – something that we've heard so many times before but we're hoping it matches the truth.

Rising Thunder's gameplay is actually looking really meaty (oddly enough for a game starring robots) and with plenty eSports appeal, which is great considering the Evolution Championship Series, or EVO, we're co-founded by Tom Cannon, CEO of Radiant Entertainment. There's very little doubt that we'll see Rising Thunder in EVO sometime soon, and it looks like it could be a perfect addition.

The alpha begins July 28 and you can already sign up at the official website.


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