Fable Fortune card game enters Early Access on July 11

The Fable Fortune card game based on the popular yet ill-fated series of RPGs – well, at least the first three games – Fable from Microsoft is going to enter Early Access on July 11, both on PC and Xbox One. Fable Fortune began as this side-project from a few fellows at Lionhead Studios until it became its own game when these veterans decided to create Flaming Fowl Studios to continue development.

With player versus player and cooperative modes, Fable Fortune is a collectible card game that seems to have a strong atmosphere based on Albion's medieval setting and characters, but we'll have to see if it all fits nicely with the customary CCG gameplay. You'll get to pick from six heroes, each one with his own abilities and by completing quests you can shift your hero's alignment towards a good or evil path, changing their powers and altering their effects.

Fable Fortune is going to launch as free to play later this year, but for now your best option to support the game is to purchase a Founder’s Pack for $14.99 / £9.99 / 12,99€. The pack contains over $40 worth of in-game items including 20 packs of cards to open, the exclusive Chicken Vengeant Trophy Card and the very rare Giant Egg card.


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