Fable Fortune is going free-to-play on February 22

Fable Fortune free

After a few months in paid Early Access, the collectible card game Fable Fortune is going free-to-play on February 22. For those who haven't been following, this game is based on the Fable series of RPGs published by Microsoft, and a new chapter may actually be in the works right now as we speak. Yay!

Fable Fortune is developed by Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl and will be available for free on PC and Xbox One. Early Access players will be able to log in and receive free Fancy cards – you can read the schedule of the Road to Release event in the announcement.

Fable Fortune's big feature is the 2-player co-op, where you and a friend or stranger can work together to take down raid bosses. But of course, you can play as one of six heroes, completing quests and choosing a good or evil alignment which affects your abilities.

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