Faeria’s first expansion The Adventure Pouch: Oversky adds co-op mode

Faeria Oversky

Abrakam has released today the first expansion for the acclaimed CCG Faeria. You know, the card battler with the living board and that has an impressive 84% review rating on Steam. Faeria has over one million downloads and the Adventure Pouch: Oversky update adds a clever new feature to this game: a co-op mode. In this mode, you and a second player, or AI, will face together the rivals that you meet through the Oversky. The expansion also adds 33 new cards.

Here are the features that The Adventure Pouch: Oversky brings to Faeria:

● A truly unique co-op mode: team up with a friend or with an AI ally to battle through the Oversky and conquer the Empire of Mirnast ruled by the evil Emperor
● 33 brand new cards for players to collect and build exciting new decks with, built around a thrilling new part of Faeria’s lore, called the Oversky, a region of Faeria where abundance and riches are plenty
● New card mechanics including “Wild” land requirements and the “Swallow” mechanic
● An Adventure Pouch special item/event giving access to a brand new co-op Emperor’s Challenge every day during the event, and offering awesome in-game rewards

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