Fairy Tail: Magic Guide MMORPG shows some more cute beta gameplay

Fairy Tail: Magic Guide MMORPG

The first time that I've talked about Tencent's Fairy Tail: Magic Guide MMORPG was because it looked like a decent game. Despite being for mobile devices, it seemed like a reasonable stab at the genre, making the anime series fans proud.

I've spotted some new Fairy Tail: Magic Guide gameplay from the second Chinese closed beta. Once again, it's a round of lovely anime graphics and the cute characters that the fans of the anime know and love. I don't say this often, but with such cool graphics, the game had to be really shallow for me to avoid playing it.

Naturally, you have to be open to some of the mobile staples, such as auto-combat and hero formations. Not the worst trade-off, I would say.

There is no word on a global release, but seeing as Tencent is boldly expanding and mobile games are a lot likely to see worldwide releases, it could happen.


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