Fallout Shelter Online is a thing and it’s happening in China

Fallout Shelter Online

There seems to be no shortage of western IPs being acquired by Asian studios to develop online games. It's Call of Duty, Borderlands (which ended up canceled), Titanfall and so many others.

The newest pick is Fallout Shelter, the spin-off from Bethesda's Fallout series (thanks MMOCulture). Shanda Games is the Chinese developer that acquired the rights for a mobile online game based on the clever little vault management game. Of course, the online part means that there has to be some new features thrown in, and these include instanced dungeons, PvP modes, character collection and guild wars. It seems that visually the game will be even more cartoonish, although the original Fallout Shelter seemed cute enough to me, and filled with the personality of the Fallout series and especially of Vault Boy.

There is no word yet on a release outside China, but it could eventually happen.

fallout shelter online


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