Famous painter Bob Ross is now a Sylvanus skin in SMITE

Bob Ross was an American painter who passed away in 1995 but has become an internet sensation thanks to his chill paintings and smooth voice. He turned out to be big in pop culture and several characters on TV were inspired by him. Now he is also getting a tribute in SMITE in the shape of the Bob Ross Sylvanus skin.

This skin comes in a bundle which costs 700 Gems and also includes the Bob Ross Loading Skin, Bob Ross Loading Frame, and the Bob Ross Jump Stamp. You can expect this bundle to be available on May 9 on PC/Mac and May 16 on consoles.

And in case you're wondering about all this, rest assured that it is an official partnership and that the people at Boss Ross Estate approved the entire deal and seem to be pretty excited about it. SMITE has never took itself very seriously, so this addition looks like a nice tribute and a lot of fun.


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