Far Cry Frenzy could be Ubisoft’s free-to-play multiplayer-focused spin-off

Far Cry Frenzy free to play

There's a new rumor saying that Ubisoft may be working on Far Cry Frenzy, a spin-off from the popular sandbox shooter series. The biggest news is that this is a free-to-play release and it is bound to launch in November.

The rumor surfaced from a Reddit user, who leaked some details on Far Cry Frenzy, but in the meantime the post was deleted. It could be because it didn't have a reliable source, but eventually it was due to Ubisoft noticing the post and demanding its removal.

The post detailed that Far Cry Frenzy was expected to come out in August, but the release date was pushed back so that the studio could fix some bugs.  The new plan is to get it out there sometime next month without much fanfare, apparently because Ubisoft is going the Apex Legends way – a surprise launch pushed by popular content creators on YouTube and Twitch.

Far Cry Frenzy is described as a multiplayer game for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 where 12 players fight. There is a map editor and the release will be digital-only, with the file size sitting at 27 GB.

Ubisoft is understandably quiet on the subject, because this sort of leak could undermine a surprise marketing campaign that is allegedly supported by the strength of known streamers. Considering the low player count, it's unlikely that it is a battle royale game – perhaps we're in for some sort of hero shooter, but it's too soon to know if Far Cry Frenzy will feature any familiar faces from the Far Cry franchise.

Ubisoft has released some free-to-play games in the past and is about to launch another one, the futuristic sports game Roller Champions. It wouldn't come as a surprise if Far Cry Frenzy turned out to be a real thing, and we should know it for sure in about a month or two.

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