Fiery Featherweights update is now live for TERA on PC

TERA Fiery Featherweights update elin brawler

It's not the size that matters, but the punch that you pack. This is all that needs to be said about the Elin Brawler, as the popular race gets the option to become a punching machine of doom. The Fiery Featherweights update brings the Elin Brawler today for TERA on PC, with Lady Tanly as the first ever Elin to use the mighty powerfists.

The update also introduces the new Enhancement Point system, which is pretty cool. This will allow level 65 players to progress all of their characters simultaneously. By completing Vanguard Requests and defeating high-level BAMs you gain EP experience which you can spend in your character, and this is shared through all your characters on the same server and on the same account.

The Fiery Featherweights update also brings the new Bahaar’s Sanctum five player dungeon, as well as a leveling event starting today and running until December 11. All Brawlers that reach level 65 during this period will receive rewards that include a set of Twistshard gear, accessories, and a variety of cosmetics, including Elin-only costumes.

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