Firefall is shutting down, but a mobile version is in development


Red 5 Studios has announced that MMO shooter Firefall will shut down on July 7, 2017. While we're always sad to see a free game shutting down and with it coming the possibility of layoffs, in Firefall's case it seems somewhat overdue.

Firefall had such a troubled lifespan that it's extremely surprising how it held on to dear life for so long. What looked like a really promising shooter turned into an unfocused mess which was made worse by the shift of focus from PC to PS4 and upcoming mobile versions. Several rounds of layoffs and a failed attempt at the Chinese market left Firefall in a bad shape. In fact, it tricked us into thinking that it was going to shut down in August 2016. For a company that was founded in 2005 and with very ambitious goals, Red 5 Studios has failed to deliver in all aspects – only one game and not a very good one.

But wait! Along with the cancelation of the PC version of Firefall, Red 5 Studios has confirmed that a mobile version is in development and all Firefall founders and players will be rewarded in some way. Hopefully, players will get a decent game this time, but going from PC to mobile surely won't fix any of Firefall's problems, unless it was completely redesigned from the ground up. In our honest opinion, the Firefall brand is probably going to do more harm than good.


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