First Breach gameplay shows some fast and flashy co-op action

Breach gameplay video

A few days after its announcement, QC Games has released the first Breach gameplay video showing some of the heroes and their fight against the demonic creatures commanded by the Veil Demon. This is the dungeon master that moves around the map in the form of black smoke and is able to lay traps and control creatures.

Game director Gabe Amatangelo tells us about the backstory and gameplay of Breach, as we're shown the character customization system and how you can use in-game gold to buy other classes. The library of Alexandria is the social place where you and your mates can meet, do some crazy dance moves and train combat with some dummies. Then it's off to the Tokyo level, but before you get a screen showing the baddies that you will find over there – this is made so that players may pick a class that they find more suited to the enemies' styles.

In Tokyo, you and your three buddies fight the creatures while the Veil Demon summons more and is even able to attack you. However, it's not only a matter of beating stuff up, as you have objectives – you may be tasked with killing some creatures, but as you move on to other area, another objective pops up, such as capture data uplinks.

Breach is shaping up to be an interesting 4v1 co-op dungeon crawler, so let's hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as other similar games such as Shadow Realms or Fable Legends.

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