First Dead Frontier 2 raw gameplay is gloomy, tense and exciting

Dead Frontier 2 early access launch

Can you sense the excitement in the air? And also that dreaded stench? That is all because of Dead Frontier 2, the upcoming sequel to one of the coolest indie zombie survival MMORPGs, which arrived years before like things such as DayZ were released. Oh wait, that one is still in Early Access? Damn, even No Man's Sky managed to beat that one!

So, Dead Frontier 2, which made us fall in love with its rotten corpse when the official trailer was revealed. The new Creaky Corpse production, is going full 3D with a third-person perspective, although the developer says that a first-person mode is a possibility in the future. Forget about the top-down view from the first game, as it would give too much of an advantage to players who would prefer to use it.

Dead Frontier 2 has no character classes or professions, which means that your avatar is a blank slate and will be shaped according to your actions and the skills that you choose. This seems like the best idea, as it place everyone in the same leveled field, with player skill and decisions ultimately determining who you are and how helpful you will be in a clan (these are confirmed to be a part of Dead Frontier 2).

The first ever raw gameplay from Dead Frontier 2 that you can see below not only highlights the gloomy, rotten atmosphere, the flashlight being your best friend in this apocalyptic world. Those damned crows would also never fail to be a part of such game. Apart from all the shooting, you can take a better look at the Dead Frontier 2 world map, which isn't open world, but divided into smaller areas with loading sections between them, surely a decision made to improve performance and deal with all those players. The good news is that you are free to go anywhere you want to, explore as your heart desires, there is no linear path in this game.

Going for area to area is done using a vehicle, but don't expect to be driving around during the zombie apocalypse. During Early Access, these are only used as fast travel spots and require fuel to do so, and you can also use vehicles as storage, upgrading them with better parts (maybe for larger item capacity and such?). Creaky Corpse wants to get you to eventually drive these vehicles in real-time, but since they say it's a complex task, it is bound to happen only after the official launch.

Nonetheless, we are excited for a free-to-play zombie game with the potential of Dead Frontier 2. The PC Early Access release happens on August 31, 2018, and the Dead Frontier 2 Steam page is already live. A Mac release is being considered after the PC launch, but console versions are out of the equation, unless the original release turns out to be incredibly successful. As for mobile platforms, you can forget it, as “the game requires too many resources, and would be too hard to control on a phone.”

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