Here’s the first gameplay from Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

first gameplay from Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

After a few months of teasing, we finally get the first PvE gameplay footage from the upcoming Game of Thrones real-time strategy game Game of Thrones Winter is Coming.

In this short video, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark and Jon Snow team up to take on a foe named Raymond – I must have missed that episode, as I can't seem to recall his name. I'm joking, of course. The footage shows a not too impressive small battle, with plenty of swords cutting through the air – literally – and arrows that don't seem to give a damn about physics.

While I don't want to be too critical based on such a short glimpse, this just wasn't enough to convince me that we'll get any close to the epic scale of the battles from the HBO television show. The animations are rudimentary, the soldiers are replicas of one another, and being browser-based and all, I doubt that it will change that much. What do you think?

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