First Justice gameplay video kicks butt, Chinese beta begins July 21

justice online

NetEase, the developer of Revelation Online, Twilight Spirits and a ton of upcoming mobile games has finally revealed the first Justice gameplay video. Until now, we only had some pretty but inconclusive in-game footage, so this is the first time we get to see this PC MMORPG in action. Although this still isn't a proper gameplay video with UI and everything, it's still the best we have so far to make an idea about the game.

What can we tell about Justice (previously known as Treacherous Waters)? Apparently, it's an action-packed martial arts MMORPG that isn't too far off from games such as Vindictus or Kritika Online, except that the camera seems to be a bit more overhead than usual – not enough to be called a birds-eye view, but also not quite your usual third-person perspective. We'll have to wait and see.

As for this Justice gameplay video, according to 2P, it shows a character called Iron Fist, the equivalent of a Kung Fu Master, smashing some enemies in the middle of an ambush, until a massive foe shows up and the video ends in a cliffhanger. It seems that the world of Justice isn't just about straightforward punching and kicking, with plenty of freedom and our actions towards NPCs resulting in major consequences. This is something we've heard many times before and we can't help but remember ourselves of all the beautiful promises made when Everquest Next was announced. Still, very different games.

The first Justice closed beta begins on July 21 in China (we already knew it was in July, but not the specific day) and this is said to be NetEase's last PC MMORPG. We have no clue yet about the possibility of a western release, although a while ago the Justice name was revealed as “the English name“, so we won't give up hope yet.


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