FPS Global Strike enters beta, it’s epic! And 3D!

NGames just announced the first beta test for the First Person Shooter Global Strike, beginning today. Global Strike is a browser-based First-Person Shooter that includes a boot camp for players to practice, and the beta brings some improvements including a new map called Relic Strike, which is specially designed for those who love to play as Snipers. Global Strike is said to run at 60 frames per second, even in computers with lower configurations.

Now, we don't want to be mean, but the official trailer below is throwing cliched PR buzzwords at us such as ‘Epic FPS Game, 3D HD Gunfighting', something that we quite frankly fail to see in the gameplay footage. Also, having ‘Deathmatch Headshots' and ‘Sniper Spree' as catchphrases just seems out of place in an FPS – aren't those weaved into the shooter genre already? The trailer ends with ‘Multiple Shooter Campaings' (sic), which makes us wonder if there wasn't anyone with a decent grasp of the English language to proofread this.

We'll give it a shot soon to see if Global Strike is as ‘EPIC' as it is said to be. If you play it before us, then share your opinion in the comments.


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