First-person shooter Ironsight is coming to North America and Europe

First-person shooter Ironsight

A new free-to-play futuristic shooter is coming to North America and Europe. Ironsight is the game that is coming all the way from South Korea and from developer Wiple Games. With the recent demise of Nexon's Ghost in the Shell: First Assault, this game could prove to be a worthy successor, if you're alright with somewhat clichéd visuals and gameplay.

Gamigo is the western publisher of Ironsight and they seem to be making good on their promise when all the Bless Online drama went down.

Ironsight is set in a dystopian 2025, which sounds awfully close, but considering recent events, could actually not be that crazy. Anyway, two factions are engaged in futuristic warfare for supremacy over the last resources on earth: the North Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN). 20 combat zones are planned and 100 customisable weapons, and there's even napalm to use when things go wrong.

The Ironsight closed beta begins in November 2017, with the full launch planned for early 2018. You can check the official website for more info.

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