First Survarium PvE mission is live with patch 0.50

Survarium PvE

The new Survarium patch 0.50 is live as planned and it finally brings PvE to the zone. Players are now able to participate in a co-op mode that will surely bring back fond memories of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

The first story-driven team mission is “about a conflict between Black Market and The Renaissance Army, and also unveils the mystery about secret experiments which lead to creation of the Forest.”. It is available for a squad of three players and asks you with completing some tasks. Through outdoors and indoors locations, players will have to complete the objectives and at least one of the three has to reach a checkpoint – the dead squad members will be revived and may continue the mission. If everyone is dead, the mission is obviously a failure.

There is more to this update, so you can check the full patch notes to know all about it.

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